Speed Rating Of Tires

SPEED RATINGS . Many Eagle radials are available in speed rated versions to match the speed capabilities of the world's fastest cars. Read the tire tips at LifeTips to learn about car, truck, seasonal and customized tires.

Take tire size and speed ratings into consideration when buying tires. Reference maximum tire speed ratings by vehicle and tire type.

Best Answer: First, to correct the earlier comment, V is not for "Vans," or T for "Trucks," etc. V is a tire that is speed rated for upto 149MPH. tire speed rating, speed capability, speed rating: David, I tend to think of things as risks.

Speed Ratings Many of today's automobiles come equipped with speed rated Original Equipment tires. Initial Review, 5,000 Miles on Tires July 17, 2012.

I have been running Sumitomo's on atleast two of my vehicles for the past 12 years. The speed rating tells you the speed the tire can safely maintain over time.

Speed ratings signify the safe top speed of a tire under perfect conditions. A tire receives its speed rating by the U.S. Government through meeting minimum standards for reaching and sustaining a specified speed.

Get information about speed ratings and how they reflect tire quality, because you want the most out of your performance tires. Tire Ratings & Reviews on the different tires out there.

Also see the Tire Speed Rating chart to see how fast your tires can handle. The speed capability of the replacement tires must always equal or exceed the original equipment tires.

What is a tire speed rating? Well, there’s a classical definition that states: “It’s just how fast you can drive on the tires. With speed ratings, the emphasis is usually placed on the MPH aligned with the letter designation.

The Speed Rating is an alphabetical system describing a tire's capability to travel at established and predetermined speeds. Many of today's automobiles come equipped with speed rated Original Equipment tires.

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