Z Rated Tires

Best Answer: Actually the Infiniti G35 takes a V-rated tire; P215/55R17 93V, not a Z-rated tire. Domestically, high performance tires typically are speed rated.

If you look at the sidewall of your tires, you will see a string of letters and numbers that tell you the tire size. You can buy either a straight set (same front and rear) or a staggered set (wider tires in the back).

So your tires have arrived it's time to put them on your trusty steed. Dunlop Sportmax Q2 Motorcycle Tires – Z-Rated – Package Specials FREE SHIPPING, Best Price from Sportbiketrackgear.

This standard will require a service description marking on all speed rated tires up to, and including, H-rated constructions. Reviews of Tires are rated, providing summaries and links for each review.

gas mileage, tire place, focus zx5: Emily, Here s what you need to do: 1) Find the vehicle placard. Pirelli P7000 Supersport Passenger/Performance Tire – User review: 5 stars.

Hi Everyone – I had a tire question: My 323 series BMW came with 255/50-16 tires that are "Z-Rated," and it's time to get new ones. Some Z-rated tires have an extra rating to show that they can handle even faster speeds: W (up to 168 mph) or Y (up to 186 mph).

Read what we have to say in a comparison between traditional Z-Rated tires, and all-season performance tires. Brought to you by the automotive experts at Motor Trend.

Where have they gone? No worries; they're still here. tire, device made of rubber and fabric and attached to the outer rim of a vehicle wheel.

Speed ratings apply only to the tire itself, and not to a particular vehicle. Rain: These still perform in the rain (not as well as dry pavement obviously), in my opinion better than the rest of the Z rated tires.

AKRON, Ohio, Aug. 25 — Goodyear's latest Z-rated tire should receive an "A" on price from tire buyers this fall. The "h" or "v" rating is the speed rating on the tire.

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