Inflate Tires With Nitrogen

I think the tendency would be to NOT check nitro filled tires as frequently as air filled. There is only a small amount of material that separates us from the hard surface of the road, and our soft comfortable seats.

At Costco's 4 metro tire centers, the air is always out. That's because they inflate with pure nitrogen. Ok so I may have exaggerated a bit, but not by much.

Previously I started a series on proper inflation of tires. The focus of this article shows what the good and bad points are about using nitrogen in the tires of your family vehicle.

Inflating your tires with nitrogen provides certain benefits compared to air inflated tires. Learn the benefits of inflating tires with nitrogen.

Replacing regular air in car tires with nitrogen has many benefits that can save money and improve safety. Best Answer: Nitrogen leaks out of the tire SLIGHTLY more slowly than "normal" air (which is already 80% nitrogen as someone has pointed out).

A recent study found that 93.5 percent of cars in Europe have under-inflated tires, wasting some 2.14 billion gallons of high-priced, polluting fuel every year. Tech Tip: Nitrogen Gas (inflating tires) Recently, nitrogen gas (for use in inflating tires) has become available to the general consumer through many retailers.

Air has been used to inflate tires for most of the history of the automobile, but that position could soon be challenged by nitrogen. When considering filling your tires with Nitrogen vs. air there are a number of factors that should be considered.

Best Answer: I have been using nitrogen for 3 years on 5 sets of car tires and my bicycle. Increased Safety – Under-inflated tires cause 90% of blowouts.

Inflate the tires with nitrogen to the appropriate pressure suggested by the manufacturer. They inflated a number of used tires, some with air and some with nitrogen, then let the tires sit for a year.

The Get Nitrogen Institute provides consumers, over-the-road truckers, fleet managers and others information about the benefits of using nitrogen in tires. Nitrogen Filled Tires: FAQs . Frequently Asked Questions.

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