Buggy Paddle Tires

Has anyone tried the Far East Paddle tires on a Sand Viper 250cc, I'm headed to the.dunes in April & need to get some tires. In the current economy it really is critical to get the most you are able to for your purchasing dollars.

This is a set of two Panther 1/8 Buggy Paddle Tires. Appletree Automotive is your number one stop for all your dune buggy needs.

We carry a wide selection of dune buggy tires, gauges, and other essential components. Sand Viper Paddle Tire 1300×15 inch VW Parts and Accessories for your Bug, Bus, Dune Buggy, Sandrail, Street or Restoration Project.

Disbributor of sand tires and wheels for ATV's, 4×4's and Dune Buggies. Tiresfor sale in tucson az dueler ht 687. Paddle Tire 15 x 11 Sand Rail Dune Buggy Baja Jeep .. Before You Buy A Jeep WranglerВ· Michur's 1992 Lada Niva.

You searched 1300- 15 padla trak dune buggy paddle tire. In the buggy class, this sand tire holds way many national competition records.

I have brand new paddle tires (sand gecko) with new rims on them. I am not sure what size they are, but I can look if you are interested.

com From VW based Sand Rails to Turbo Surbaru Long Travel Sand Rail parts. Paddle Tires homevintner – 2010-01-26 12:43:35: So what is the advantages/disadvantages with split paddle tires.

When it comes to Sand traction, no one does it better than Skat-Trak Paddle Tires. com From VW based Sand Rails to Turbo Surbaru Long Travel Sand Rail parts.

Guide to Paddle Tires for you Sand Rail Dune Buggy: Ok so I am constantly getting this question. What size Paddle tire should I run. Well the answer is simple.

Parts, Parts & More Parts "STU 16:50 x 15 Paddle Tires on 15" x 15" .120" thick wide 5 aluminum VW wheels. Paddle tires, off road, dune buggie, sand rail, dune buggy.

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